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Hi all.

For those of you interested in checking out the first review (hopefully of many) to come out of this keyboard for a videogame, head on over to Game Arena to check out my review of Skyfighter.

First snippet…

Brilliant colours and an epic score to match. Skyfighter revels in its arcade glory and the result is pure chaos.

I have fond memories of playing old Dogfight-esque games on dodgy hand-me-down consoles from the pre-NES era. One thing which always stuck with me was the raw challenge of getting my little bi-plane to stay airborne while my neighbour (who owned the console, damn him) ripped my wings to shreds repeatedly.

The 3D games just never nailed that single-screen, competitive arcade fun in the same way (although I’ll concede that Crimson Skies was a damn good attempt to shove some joy back into the flight ‘sim’ genre). Seeing Sky Fighter for the first time almost makes you think it needs an ‘HD’ on the end of the title, as it owes much to the Amiga games of old. Read more.

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