Bits and pieces of my work

An informal Wednesday evening blog post to let you all know of a few bits and pieces of my work which has gone up recently.

We have, in no particular order:

GameSpot AU’s ‘OzSpot’ podcast, featuring myself and Paul Hunt (former deputy director of the Classification Board) discussing the classification process and the R18+ rating (or lack thereof) for Australian videogames.

Super Crate Box! A feature I’ve written for Game Arena on just what this interesting little arcade game is and why you should joing me in the arcade game hand-cramp revolution now!!!

And finally myself and Kotaku AU editor Mark Serrels wax intellectual on violence in videogames. Why is it vilified? Why do we need it? What does the violence mean for the person playing the game and why is it so frequently attacked?

That’s probably the last you’ll hear from me for the next couple of weeks as I’m just about to jet off to India to soak up the incredible heat and oh so spicy dishes. Stay tuned for more videogaming and other (possibly Indian) goodness upon my return…

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