This is a blog dedicated to everything I find interesting enough to want to research and write about without people lining my coffers. My areas of interest largely relate either to modern contemporary media forms or moral and ethical philosophy, so in almost all instances (unless it’s a bout of straight criticism), you can expect me judging the worth of all forms of modern media life. Everything from Twitter’s character count to the firing rate of the rocket launcher in Call of Duty will be addressed and scrutinised.

I pledge not to whinge. That’s what Facebook is for… when you’re nineteen.

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  1. Dear little Leigh…. so my old mate, how are you? from the 14 year old who knew almost more than I about gaming to MCV Pacific.. wow… well done. I hope they are paying you what you are worth but somehow I doubt it. Good to see you are still kicking…! Me, still retired (4 yrs) although I do sit on a few boards… loving it… no more you know what to put up with and the freedom to say what I like.. anyway mate, good to see you are still keeping it real. Regards, James

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